Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Cause im freeeeee.... Free ballin' yea...

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

work and stuff

I had a whole big post i was gonna write about "Rick Case Honda", but i don't have the energy or the shit to give to write it. Just don't go there, to buy anything, not even chain lube. The sales people are more than usually annoying and stupid, and the bikes they have there are complete shit. (the first one they started for me leaked gas and was dirty, the second one they couldn't even get started). People that know me can imagine my reaction to this crap.

Ben bought a bike though after we left that shit hole from a dude in boca who had one pretty hot daughter that had to be younger than me, and one ok lookin one the same age. 95 CR250. Great condition, specially for it's age. He paid top dollar, but in comparision to the newer bikes we were looking at for the same amount of money, it was prolly worth it. Only problem? well it won't start now, lol. It should be fine after a new spark plug and a possible carb clean, which means more work for me, i have already put like 3 hours of work into the bike, which almost pretty much turned out to be for nothing. Good for learning, still not cool tho. It's pretty ironicle that he got his bike before me, the whole thing was my idea. i need to hurry up and find one, we are both pretty anxious to go ridin. Anybody have a 1996-2002 4 stroke 250-450cc dirt bike for sale in florida??

I take debate, which is 50/50 split between the gayest and funniest class i have ever taken. We are having debates on the privatization of social security, which yes i am in favor of. It's a pretty good idea, look at the facts. Before class, some middle school girls were singing a n'sync song, and it got stuck in my head, and then i got it stuck in all the guys heads in debate (9 senior guys, and one girl, pretty funny stuff) and Grant managed to fit part of the lyrics into his debate cross fire, it had to be one of the top 5 north broward prep funniest debate class things ever, only surpassed buy this very spasticated kid named blake dancing, and not to mention the ITT tech job references by me and House's laugh of course.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Photo's suck

Put all the crap aside today and went for a ride in my truck with my uncle Ben, my real one, not the one that makes rice or whatever. Where to? Hobe Sound, to look at a dirt bike i was interested in purchasing. Hobe sound just happend to be the exact place we bought Ben's SV650 race bike from, the dude actually lived like a mile from the other guy, and i just realized who the hell cares but whatever. Why buy a dirtbike? Cause im a badass of course and i ride motorcycles. Well, partly true, more or less. I researched the bike end to end before we left, and asked the dude pleanty of questions before we left since it was a hour and a half drive each way. The questions part really turned out to be worthless cause "john" (the seller, or idiot) turned out to be just that, an idiot. sorry dude, u don't have a clue. We got there, looked at the bike, seemed pretty thrashed, but we tore it down anyway to check the valves, oil, etc etc just incase i were to have found like a gold bar in there or somthing. No gold bar, surprise surprise. I think "john" did get a kick out of how two people actually know how to work tools and use them for somthing other than hitting somthing hard when your mad, he was pretty impressed. We started to find all these things wrong with the bike, then just went downhill from there. Test ride proved to be a D+ at best too, the most exciting part is when i almost got bucked off the thing going through some really soft deep sand (i am a street rider, pavement doesn't move usually), oh yea also when i stood up underneath the handle bar and rammed my head into it, i saw stars, and it hurt like hell. I let out a son of a bitch, then continued to work. We quickly loaded up the truck, and told him we were going to think about it over lunch, but after a foot long cold cut trio on parmisan (however the hell u spell it.. shut up jo!) oregano bread, it was pretty apperant that nomatter how good of a deal i was possibly gonna get, i just don't wanna spend anymore time fixin shit. I let ben drive home, he didn't show it, but i know he was really impressed on how my supercharged silverado SS dominates on his petty titan, lol. We might have found some more applicable bikes locally, so mabye we will luck out with a deal tomarrow. OOOO and best part of the whole freakin trip, Ben's dog, the Sam dog, brought home a couple of ticks with him from "john's" house apperently, we found them when we got back to my house. Great job sam, i just cleaned the damn thing, now i have your long ass hair and prolly a tick or two in there waiting to nibble on my balls. Hell tho, Ben was with me, and we have a pretty good time and a laugh nomatter what we do, so all in all, pretty cool day. STill pretty frustrated tho, it's been two months, if it goes anymore i might get stuck in a permanent state of frustration/boredom.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I am SOOO FREAKING Frustrated!!!!!!!
No matter how insignificant or stupid it seems to you, it still sucks ass to me.